Installation Process

  • Install

    Your Trace Routes VoIP system will arrive configured for a simple self-installation. In addition, our support engineers will provide continued support throughout the installation and setup process of your phone system.

  • Integrate

    Upon delivery, you will be able to integrate your new VoIP phones with your existing computer connection. As part of the installation process, a Trace Routes support engineer will then request information, such as extension lists, usernames, and phone number lists in order to port all of your saved information into your new VoIP phone system.

  • Setup

    After the porting process is completed, we will confirm your equipment is functioning properly and address any questions or concerns you may have. Our support engineers will work with you to set up automated attendants and explain what to do in case of a loss of power. We also register your address for 911 calls in case of an emergency.

  • Completion

    Once calls start coming in, we continue to provide any needed support and adjustments if necessary. Detailed user guides will be provided to guide you through your new phones and system. If your business requires advanced features, you will also be given the opportunity to receive training on all the features our phones offer.

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